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Well-designed, user-friendly online forms are the answer.

"We contacted LKCS to initiate the process of doing a complete website redesign. From the very moment we started working together their team was so professional and so helpful. They made, what can be a daunting undertaking, a very easy process. The communication was fantastic! I highly recommend LKCS for web design needs. They do a wonderful job of listening to what your needs and expectations are. "
- Kendra M. Long 

Supercharge Your Website Conversions

Wednesday, August 11, 2021  
2 PM EDT  /  1 PM CDT  /  12 PM MDT  /  11 AM PDT

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"From the moment we signed on with LKCS, I knew we were in good hands. We gave them our vision for our new website and they exceeded our expectations. They are one of the best vendors I have worked with – great communicators, efficient and timely. We are so grateful we teamed up with LKCS!"
- Kelsey Joseph

Less is More – Only Ask For Essential Information


Our Presenter - Jacob Dudek

Jacob works with the Sales team as a Sales Representative. His years of experience in the mailing department and other parts of production at LKCS give him a unique insight into all aspects of a job from start to finish.

You have a beautiful, shiny website. And you’re ready for a flood of new leads. But that predicted deluge is nothing more than a trickle. You need to implement ways for users to “convert” by giving them the ability to take action. Well-designed, user-friendly online forms are the answer.

Decrease the number of form fields. As the number of fields increase, the conversion rate decreases. Be strategic. Don’t ask for First Name, Last Name, Middle Initial, and Suffix. Ask for Full Name. Only ask for essential information. Clearly mark required and non-required fields. Add hints to explain what respondents need to provide. Break long forms into multiple pages, even allowing users to save it and resume later.

Deliver Value – Users Want To Conduct Business on Your Website

The best way to get people to convert is to give your customers a good reason to do so. Users want to conduct business on your site. So, give them ways to do that. They don’t want to visit your branches to fill out a paper form. Convert those paper forms into digital forms. Existing customers will use them. Prospective customers will see how useful your website is compared to their existing institution.

Do It Yourself – No Coding Needed

LKCS’ Form Builder will allow you to easily create secure online forms without coding knowledge. This drag-and-drop form tool will work with any website, with or without a Content Management System (CMS). 

The recent pandemic has shown that institutions without mature digital workflows suffered greatly. Get ahead of the curve and improve your website results, save time and money with Form Builder.