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Your statements are a great way to keep in contact with your account holders. They expect to receive them every month.  

"Since the time we went with LKCS color statements, we have had much greater member involvement. This involvement has helped our members to understand their accounts and the credit union itself. I would highly recommend LKCS color statements. They will help your credit union grow and compete on a more professional level now and into the future. The folks at LKCS are always willing to lend a hand with anything they can to help our credit union be at its best."

- Carl F. Mundth 

Statement Convenience and Savings!

Wednesday, December 14, 2022    
2 PM EDT  /  1 PM CDT  /  12 PM MDT  /  11 AM PDT

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Our Presenter - Jacob Dudek

Jacob works with the Sales team as a Sales Representative. His years of experience in the mailing department and other parts of production at LKCS give him a unique insight into all aspects of a job from start to finish. 

LKCS isn’t a one size fits all statement processor, we can allow you to do more with your statements.

Your options include:

Print targeted ads on your statements. One LKCS client has done over 20 ads in the same mailing!
Online tracking, Google and Facebook ad targeting with Campaign Suite.
Confirm delivery of statements and identify any mail delivery issues with the introduction of our new Statement Delivery Tracking Service!
Print loan payment coupons on your statements.
Custom design the output of your statement.
Combine credit card statements with your regular monthly statements.
Print your statements in one color, two color or full color.

These are just some of the statement options you have with LKCS.

LKCS E-Statements will reduce your postage costs. They will mirror our print statements. Everything we provide on our printed statements will be available to you. When you have our E-Statements, all the statements we process will be available to you. This provides another option to archive and create an automatic history when switching to E-Statements.