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"We cannot speak highly enough of LKCS SEO. They have been a fantastic asset to our online marketing strategy for over two years now. They do an exceptional job in working with our website and increasing our ranking. They brief us on the status and provide reporting of our website on a regular basis. I have been dealing personally with Jessica who has been very supportive and helpful with any concerns I may have. LKCS has transformed our online visibility quicker than we expected at a very reasonable cost – a great return on investment."
- Lisa Ferguson

Improving Your 
Search Rankings

Wednesday, September 14, 2022  
2 PM EDT  /  1 PM CDT  /  12 PM MDT  /  11 AM PDT

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Our Presenter - Cheryl Knirlberger

Cheryl has over 28 years of marketing experience in both traditional media and digital solutions. She is a continuous learner and great listener. Her passion has always been to be a true partner with each of the businesses she works with. Helping them to get the results they are expecting from their marketing efforts. Her passion and knowledge make her the perfect fit for our customers and the LKCS team. 

You've done it. Your team has just finished creating your financial institution's new website. It is informative, user-friendly, and has all the bells and whistles your customers are sure to love. But will people find it? Without basic SEO and local listing strategies your site may appear lower in search results, or even worse, on the second page!

Yes, you could use keyword advertising and pay to be at the top of search listings, but what percentage of your marketing budget are you willing to allocate to do this? Worse yet, there's always somebody out there with a bigger budget.

Higher search results are based on the accuracy of the information on your website along with the keywords that are used on the site. The proximity of your branch to where the search originates from is also a key factor. LKCS has the experience and technology to improve your search rankings.

LKCS can help you improve your search rankings with:

Local Listings Management:

Easily find and update your branch information on dozens of business list sites
Remove duplicate listings
Direct API connection with over 40 major business directory listing services

Search Engine Optimization:

Streamlining your code
Optimizing page content
Adding structured tags

Online Reviews:

Tools you need to make collecting reviews easier
Testimonials improve your search rankings

Your website is not "complete" just because it is now live. Instead, now is when the work really begins. Attend our webinar on September 14th to learn about our SEO and Local Listing Management service, and more. You’ll have a better understanding of how to improve search engine rankings organically which can impact your marketing goals. Call 866.552.7866 to talk with a sales representative today. You can also learn more and schedule an appointment by going to